This program is continually growing and its members are challenged to better themselves educationally, physically, spiritually and mentally. Leadership is a very important asset to the program and we value the attributes learned by the participants in order to be an effective leader in their own rites. The principles of leadership are instilled in each of the participants and required to be exhibited at all times. Through mentoring, active participation and example setting we make a difference in our communities, while teaching the younger generation and sending them out to teach others.



During my drum camp, students will learn teamwork, self discipline through memorization and precision,leaderhip and their gross motor skills will also be enhanced. We currently have openings in all of our sections and they are as follows: 

Dance/Drill Team

Color Guard (flags)


Tenor (tom drum)

Multi-Toms (quads) 

Snare Drums and 


*we are looking to expand into a full band by the final quarter of 2014*




https://neiphinephfratority.tripod.com/webonmediacontents/Drumline For Anthony 1.mp3|Drumline For Anthony 1